Congratulations to Deacon Justin Helton

Justin and I both went to UTSA and I’m very happy to see that he has been ordained to the diaconate in the Anglican Church of North America:

ANGLICANISM is on the move in North America. Bishop Frank Lyons of The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh ordained Glenn Crytzer, Justin Helton, and Jeff Minshall to the transitional diaconate on December 15, 2012 at Trinity School for Ministry’s chapel in Ambridge, PA.

Diaconal ordinations in the Diocese of Pittsburgh are typically held each June and December. The Rev. Mike Wurschmidt, rector of Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship in Uptown, was the preacher at the ordination service. The chapel was completely filled with clergy and lay supporters. All three ordinands are (or were) students at Trinity School for Ministry.

From VirtueOnline.

Congratulations to Justin and the rest of the ordinands and may they have a fruitful ministry.


Author: duanemiller

I was born in Montana and grew up in Colorado and Puebla (in Mexico). I completed a BA in philosophy at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and then an MA in theology at St Mary's University (also in San Antonio). Later life took me to Jordan where my wife and I studied Arabic, to Israel where I helped found a seminary, and to Scotland for doctoral work, among other places. I live in Madrid now where I teach and minister. I'm highly interested in the interactions of Islam, Christianity and secularism in modern contexts. My main areas of research for my PhD in divinity were religious conversion from Islam to Christianity, contextual theology, and the shari'a's treatment of apostates. I've also published research on global Anglicanism and the history of Anglican mission in the Ottoman Empire. I've had the pleasure of teaching in many places over the years: from Costa Rica to Turkey, and Kenya to Tunisia. I am associate professor at the Protestant Faculty of Theology at Madrid (UEBE) and priest at the Anglican Cathedral of the Redeemer in Madrid, Spain. Visit my blog ( or page for more information.

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