Azar Ajaj on the history of evangelical Arabs in Israel-Palestine

At the annual general meeting (Winter of 2013) of the Evangelical Alliance of Israel, Azar Ajaj, president of Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary, presented this talk on the roots of evangelicalism among Arabs in Israel-Palestine.

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7 Responses to “Azar Ajaj on the history of evangelical Arabs in Israel-Palestine”

  1. Shirleen Wait Says:

    Thank you, Duane.

    Trust you all are doing ok. Have a wonderful Advent!


  2. Malcolm White Says:

    Thanks, Duane, for this. I am thrilled that pioneers like Shukri Musa and Majid Kawar should be remembered; would Michael Kawar from Nazareth who became an Anglican priest in the 1870/80’s have been any relation? Do continue encouraging this work!

    • duanemiller Says:

      Hi Malcolm, the answer is I don’t know. There are lots of Kawars in and around Nazareth, including a few in the Baptist churches there. All in all, I don’t know that there is one single Kawar family though. I will ask Azar if he knows.

  3. Azar Says:

    The Kawar family is one, ‘m sure that Majeed s related to Michael. Let me check that with some of the Kawar family, t will be interesting to find out the relation.

    • Malcolm White Says:

      Thank you for your kind response – having written about Michael Kawar and his pioneering ministry in the Episcopal Church in the 19th century, it would indeed be very interesting to know of any link with Majeed. I was with CMS in Jordan myself for 6 years, and very much enjoyed your lecture.

      • Bishara Kawar Says:

        Rev. Majid Kawar is the grandson of Rev. Michael’s brother Gerius.

        Bishara Kawar.

      • Malcolm White Says:

        Thank you so much for confirming the link between the Revd. Majid Kawar and the Revd. Michael Kawar – the Lord is faithful, and so are his servants….. Every good wish for the New year to you and all your family.

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