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About Two Stories of Everything: The Competing Metanarratives of Islam and Christianity (2018)

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Scholars and preachers have been approaching Islam and Christianity for centuries as two religions. But what if we set that approach aside and try something new? What if we look at the stories that Islam and Christianity tell? In this book we do exactly that: we go back to the beginning of the stories—Creation—and work our way forward to humanity, Israel, the founders (Jesus and Muhammad), why they founded their communities (the Church and the Umma), what those communities are doing in the world today, and then look down the road to the end of the two stories of everything with their different accounts of the final judgment.

Approaching Islam and Christianity as two stories of everything, or metanarratives, produces fresh new insights relevant to any person – whether Christian, Muslim, or of no religion—concerned with the question of how Islam, Christianity, and modernity interact and sometimes clash with each other.

The book contains a glossary and discussion questions for each chapter, making it ideal for Sunday school classes, study groups, lower level college courses, or discussion groups. The book, published by Credo House Publishers, is available in print and for Kindle.

About Living among the Breakage (2016)


Around the world people are leaving Islam for Christianity in unprecedented numbers. This book seeks to look into the world of some of these converts, trying to discern the shape of their newfound faith. Why do they convert? What challenges do they face? And ultimately, what do they in their own complex and sometimes difficult circumstances claim to have understood about God that, while in Islam, they had not? In other words, what is the content of their contextual theology? In seeking to answer these questions, Miller looks into the world of an unintentional church plant in the Arab world consisting of believers from a Muslim background, visits with groups of Iranian converts in the diaspora, and examines the written testimonies of still other converts. In a world where Muslim-Christian relations are increasingly important and sometimes tendentious, this book examines the lived faith and contextual theology of people who have chosen to leave Islam and embrace Christianity.

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About Arab Evangelicals in Israel (2016)


The essays contained in this book provide an introduction to the history, challenges, and hopes of contemporary evangelical Arab Christians in Israel (and to a lesser degree in the West Bank).
After opening with a general overview of Arab Christianity in the Holy Land, the following chapters treat different aspects of the evangelical Arab experience: the founding of the Convention of Evangelical Churches in Israel (CECI) as well as a theological seminary for the training of church workers, the self-understanding of Arab Baptists in terms of their identity and relation to other groups in Israel, an Arab perspective on the relationship between Arab evangelicals and Messianic Jews, as well as the struggles, hopes, and fears of another “evangelical” community that is usually hidden from view, namely, that of Muslim converts to Christianity in Israel, the West Bank, and the Middle East in general. The final chapter offers a detailed bibliography on Arabophone Christianity in Israel and Palestine.

Endorsements & Reviews

“For anyone with an interest in Arab evangelicals in Israel, this book is a must. In a nutshell it introduces us to the present situation of Arab evangelicals. It gives us the historical background and shows how they find their way between the other churches, Christian-Zionism, and between Jews and Muslims in Israel. Very interesting reading.”
–Jos M. Strengholt, Anglican priest in Egypt

Arab Evangelicals in Israel presents a fascinating account of the recent history and struggles that Arab Christians have faced in defining and asserting their identity within an immensely complex social, religious, and political context. It presents the story of their valiant efforts to remain faithful to the gospel of Christ without abandoning their unique ethnic and national affiliations. This book is required reading for those concerned with the status of Middle Eastern Christianity in the Holy Land, particularly in its evangelical form.”
–J. Scott Bridger, Author of Christian Exegesis of the Qur’ān (Pickwick, 2015); Associate Professor of Global Studies & World Religions, Criswell College, Dallas, Texas

Arab Evangelicals in Israel is an informative, true, and clear window into the background, history, and life situation of evangelical Arab Christians, including their relationship with Messianic believers, in Israel. The writers are excellent scholars who are themselves great characters and true of heart. Through field research and interaction with other sources, the amazing story of the Arab Christians who are ‘a minority of a minority of a minority in Israel’ is told. A story of a forgotten, though wonderful, Christian community in a land torn by conflict yet pregnant with the memories of the One who lived and died and was raised there two thousand years ago.”
–J. Bryson Arthur, Academic Dean and Professor of Systematic Theology, Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary

“When talking about the Holy Land, most people focus on the land and its history, geography, archaeology, culture, or at best politics. . . . The authors have focused on the move of God in planting his church amidst the Arab Palestinian peoples in the land, and they have succeeded in revealing that.”
–Jack Y. Sara, President, Bethlehem Bible College

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