Al Kresta interviews me on Christianity in the Holy Land

It’s always a pleasure to be interviewed by Al Kresta from Ave Maria Radio.

In this interview, released on January 12th, we shift over to the central topic of Arab Evangelicals in Israel  and, indeed, Christianity in general in the whole region.

The opening question: does Christianity in the Middle East have a future? Listen and enjoy.

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An ordination in Haifa

One of the joys of being in higher education is hearing good news from former students. I
was very happy to hear from Elias Said, a former student of mine from when I was teaching at the seminary in Nazareth, who was ordained to the pastorate at the Haifa Assembly of God.

Ordination of Elias Said on June 16, 2016

Here’s hoping for a fruitful ministry Elias.

All my articles from St Francis Magazine

Over the years I have published a number of articles in St Francis Magazine. The online journal focused on Christianity and Christian witness in the context of the Arab world specifically, and the Muslim world more broadly.

I always felt the journal played a unique role. But word has reached me through the grapevine that the website became too costly to maintain. The PDFs of the articles will hopefully be made available some time down the road. But I’m not in charge of that.

But for now, I am able to make my own articles available. So, here are numerous links…

Freedom of Religion in Israel-Palestine: may Muslims become Christians, and do Christians have the freedom to welcome such converts?

The Conversion of Samira

‘Your Swords do not Concern me at all’: the liberation theology of Islamic Christianity

Christ Church (Anglican) in Nazareth: a brief history with photographs

Into the Light: the liberation theology of Steven Masood, a Christian ex-Muslim

Reappropriation: an accommodationist hermeneutic of Islamic Christianity

Cracks in the Foundation of Islam?

Narrative and Metanarrative in Islam and Christianity

The Sign of Jonah in Matthew 16: Missio-centric Reading applied to the Arab World

Publication: ‘The First Church of the Diocese of Jerusalem: a work in progress–or maybe not?”

This was published last year but I had not posted it to my blog yet. This brief article includes a historical sketch for Christ Church (Episcopal/Anglican) in Nazareth, and a description of the liturgy as it presently exists.

Miller, Duane Alexander. 2012. “The First Church of the Diocese of Jerusalem: a work in progress–or maybe not?” in Anglican and Episcopal History Vol 81:2, June.

Other articles by the author on the Episcopal/Anglican community in the region are:

Church of the Redeemer, in Amman in Anglican and Episcopal History

Cathedral of St George the Martyr, in Jerusalem in Anglican and Episcopal History

“Identity, Liturgy and Mission: the Episcopal Church in Jordan” in Journal of Anglican Studies

An Obscure Document: Facts and Needs: Palestine Church Council

Sometimes you happen across a very rare document and are able to scan it (though the quality is not great, sorry) and share it with the world.

Here, for scholars Protestant mission in the Holy Land, is the rare Facts and Needs: Palestine Church Council (1925). It contains a summary of the CMS-PNCC ministries in the region. It is a treasure trove.


“Bibliography for Arabophone Christianity in Israel and Palestine”

As the director of publications for Nazareth Seminary I’m glad to share with you all our most recent Mary’s Well Occasional Paper (2:1) by my colleague Phil Sumpter. The focus is on the post-1948 period.

The link for the “Bibliography for Arabophone Christianity in Israel and Palestine” is here at our seminary blog.