Anglican Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, Madrid

So we’re settling down nicely in Madrid. Got a bank account and will hopefully have a flat some time next week. My work here is related to ministry and education, which is pretty much what I’ve been doing since we moved to Nazareth back in 2008.

I’m pleased to be serving as deacon at the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer (Iglesia Catedral del Redentor). This is the only cathedral church of the Reformed Episcopal Church of Spain (Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal). This is the oldest Protestant church in the country. What privilege to serve at such a historical church. Here are a couple pictures, and then a couple family pictures too.



Views from Madrid


We recently arrived in Madrid and I felt like posting a fw pictures from here. I have taken pictures of various places that denote the strong Latin American presence here, though I have also seen many signs with Arabic of Islamic terms as well.



From top to bottom: Need Santeria? We got it right here in Madrid. Middle: My daughter with a traditional breakfast of churros and hot chocolate. Bottom: “Restaurante Aroma Latina”. Lots of dishes from (I think) Puert Rico and/or the Dominican Republic.

Surp Hovsep (St Joseph) Armenian Catholic Church in Mardin, Turkey

A chapel altar
A chapel altar
The main altar
The main altar
Such a variety of styles, many of them popular
Such a variety of styles, many of them popular
High capacity
High capacity
Excess religious art
Excess religious art
The main altar from the rear
The main altar from the rear
A side altar from the rear of the church
A side altar from the rear of the church

All photos copyright Duane Miller 2015.

St Hirmiz Chaldean Church in Mardin, Turkey

We had to ask around to figure out who could let us into this old church. We have been told that there is a single Chaldean Christian family left in the city of Mardin by a couple of local Christians. The church itself is very large and could easily fit well over a hundred people.

The plaque on the outside wall
A small side altar in the rear of the church
Jesus blesses the children
The altar and side attars are behind curtains. There is a chandelier in front of the center curtain.
More artwork
Jesus and St Mary with Joseph?
A tomb with Syriac inscriptions (?)
The front altar, with the curtain withdrawn.
Yet another altar
The curtain has the Ascension of Christ
The principal dome
Another secondary altar


All pictures copyright Duane Miller, 2015