Planting an Arabic-language Church in Spain

This has definitely been a work in progress…

Beginning a bit over two years ago we started with a project to plant an Arabic-language church here in Madrid—Kanisa.

Two years in we decided to record our reflections on what works, what does not, and answer some questions from colleagues around the world.

Here are the four videos:

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Summer in Castilla y León and Asturias

Let’s call it 2/3 vacation and 1/3 traveling work.

This summer the Miller family spent a week and half in the small village of Villaescusa in the Comunidad (state) of Castilla y León. We spent the next week and a half in a rural community outside of Posada de Llanera in the Comunidad (state) of Asturias.

We visited many historical and cultural sites. We went to the beach at the Bay of Biscay, we ate the local foods of hornazo, Cachopo, fabada asturiana, sidra, and so on.

As a priest I also ministered at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Villaescusa, the Church of the Redeemer in Salamanca, and preached at the Church of St Eulalia in Oviedo. For the first two churches, it was the first time they had received a pastoral visit in many months, since before the quarantine started in March.

Here are some pictures from Castilla y León:

Duane and Sharon in the Cathedral of Salamanca
Sunflower fields are all around

And now some pictures from beautiful Asturias:

Anglican Church of St Eulalia in Oviedo
The countryside of Posada de Llanera
Duane getting to know the locals in Oviedo

Hope you enjoyed these photos. Leave questions in the comment section.

“La Reforma Inglesa: el camino detrás y el comino por delante” en *La Luz*


He tenido el privilegio de publicar este artículo en La Luz: Pensamiento Anglicano (Vol. 1, dic 2019, pp 51–57).

Si te interesa saber mas sobre la reforma inglesa y el estado actual de la Comunión Anglicana puedes descargar el PDF del artículo en

O mejor, puedes comprar toda la revista académica en Editorial Sapere Aude.

One year report: Kanisa in Madrid

In October of 2018 we embarked on a fascinating and challenging journey: starting an Arabic-language fellowship in Madrid. Originally Dan and I launched it, but soon Raouf came on board.

Here is a picture from one of our weekly pastors’ prayer meetings:

L to R: Dan, Raouf, Duane

A few weeks ago we sat down to think through some strategic issues, evaluating the past and looking to the future. This report is the fruit of that meeting:

Arabic Fellowship in Madrid, Report Dec 2019

Feel free to ask any questions.

Exploring Episcopal-Anglican worship around the world

CASCADE_TemplateI am pleased to share the publication of Common Prayer: Reflections on Episcopal Worship (Cascade, 2019). The book was edited by Joseph Pagano and Amy Richter and the foreword is by Stanley Hauerwas.

In this book authors from around the world explore the personal and communal significance of Episcopal-Anglican worship and liturgy. Check out the various authors and their chapters.