‘Cracks in the Foundation of Islam?’ by Duane Alexander Miller

Miller, Duane Alexander. 2009. ‘Cracks in the Foundation of Islam?’ in St Francis Magazine, Vol 5:3, pp 110-117.

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I am specifically reacting to (and disagreeing with) a portion of the ‘Camel Training Manual‘ in this article.

Here I challenge the idea that more missionaries is, in and of itself, better:

Increasing Missionary Force: I agree with the author that many more people are considering missionary work in the Muslim World than ever before.  But there are still some very real concerns: missionaries are like other professionals, meaning that today there is a real possibility of changing careers after a few years.  Is it really better to have five missionaries who are learning Arabic and getting familiar with the local culture and who will leave after five years than to have one missionary who has mastered the language and spent many years in the region?  It is an error to assume that more is better; indeed sometimes more is not better, as inexperienced short-term missionaries can at times create more trouble than benefit.  I would also point out that the now-popular short-term missions are a very resource-intensive (i.e., expensive) form of ministry that is generally speaking not a good fit for the Muslim world.  It is one thing to send folks to build a church in Mexico, it is another to send them to Morocco or Jordan or Pakistan.



‘Your Swords do not Concern me at all’: The Liberation Theology of Islamic Christianity

Miller, Duane Alexander. 2011. ‘”Your Swords do not Concern me at all”: The Liberation Theology of Islamic Christianity’ in St Francis Magazine, Vol 7:2, pp 228-260.

Download the article from St Francis Magazine HERE, or from Scribd HERE.

Here is an excerpt:

Whether right or wrong, many persons in this group feel certainthat the only thing holding hundreds of thousands of people— maybe millions—from leaving the ‘slavery of Islam’ for ‘the love of God in Christ’ is fear of punishment and persecution. Some have crossed that threshold. Their message is, “Now is the time for evangelism,” and “Love alone can remove grudges, and forgivenessalone can blot out transgression. To die for the killer is the only way to annul killing” (Rishawi 175), and “A man who can disagree and yet remain gracious with you is a hundred times greater than agod who cannot bear divergence of opinion or criticism—the dictator’s fragile throne” (qtd in Andrew and Janssen 15). The dictator’s fragile throne is the entire oppressive system of the Islamic shari’a,and in the words of Fatima al-Mutayri, the goal is “civility that is transparent in appearance // and a new civilization in all measures and laws.” It is this new civilization that is the Promised Land to which these exiles are travelling. Whether or not they will ever arrive, only time will tell.
I also argue in this article that American evangelicals fundamentally misunderstand the original meaning of the term ‘contextualization’ and I argue that the original work of Shoki Coe and Robert Schreiter is superior to the later evangelical approaches of authors like Phil Parshall.

Book Review: The Episcopal Church and the Middle East by Bridgeman

Published recently in St Francis Magazine. Here is part of the review on the structure of the government of the church:

The ecclesiastical structure that Bridgeman knew is also different than the present arrangement (as of 2011). Bridgeman describes to us a curious structure wherein the bishop in Jerusalem is the metropolitan or archbishop, with regional bishops serving under him in Cairo, Sudan, Iran, Cyprus and the Gulf, and Jordan-Syria-Lebanon. As of 1974, Sudan was not even part of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East, rather it became a province within the world-wide Anglican Communion. Also, the ECJME no longer has a metropolitan or archbishop. Rather, the office of presiding bishop can belong to any of the four diocesan bishops. Presently it is Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis, the bishop of Egypt, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa who is presiding bishop. Before him it was Clive Hanford, who from 1996 to 2007 was bishop of Cyprus and the Gulf. Finally, the diocese of Jerusalem once again includes all of Israel-Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. The situation is not ideal because Syria and Lebanon do not acknowledge the existence of the State of Israel. Practically speaking, the only place where all the clergy can meet together is Jordan.
Download the entire review HERE.
And here is a link to the book on Amazon, and the other one for Worldcat.

Yale Divinty to digitalize records of missionary agencies

This is exciting news for any person doing research in the history of Christian missions. Than you Yale Divinity!

From the e-mail notification regarding this exciting project:

> The Yale Divinity Library is in the midst of a project to digitize 1200+ volumes of mission agency annual reports from the Day Missions collection. These reports will be posted online over the next several months. A sample batch is available at http://divdl.library.yale.edu/dl/Browse.aspx?qc=AdHoc&qs=1159 – annual reports (1907-1940) of the Door of Hope Mission in Shanghai, which was a nondenominational mission focused on prostitutes and other disaffiliated women and girls.
> Other agencies for which reports will be available online include:

  • > American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. Assam Mission
  • > American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. East China Mission
  • > American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Foochow Mission
  • > American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Japan Mission
  • > American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. Mexico Mission
  • > American Ceylon Mission
  • > American Christian Literature Society for Moslems
  • > American Madras Mission
  • > American Marathi Mission
  • > American Ramabai Association
  • > American Seamen’s Friend Society
  • > American Zulu Mission
  • > Anglo‐Indian Evangelisation Society
  • > Archbishop of Canterbury’s Assyrian Mission.
  • > Association for the Diffusion of the Gospel in Spain.
  • > Association for the Support of the Jessie Taylor Memorial School for Moslem and Druse Girls
  • > Baakleen Medical Mission to the Druses
  • > Bahamas Baptist Union
  • > Bangalore Tract and Book Society
  • > Baptist Missionary Society, Bengal native
  • > Bible and Medical Mission
  • > Bible, Book and Tract Depot, Hongkong
  • > Bible Lands Missions’ Aid Society
  • > Bombay Representative Christian Council
  • > British Guiana Missions to East Indians and Chinese Immigrants Committee
  • > Burma Baptist Missionary Convention
  • > Burma Christian Council
  • > Calcutta Baptist Missionary Society
  • > Calcutta Ladies’ Association for Native Female Education in Calcutta
  • > Central Asian Mission
  • > Central China Religious Tract Society, Han‐kau
  • > Central Morocco Mission
  • > Chefoo Industrial Mission
  • > Choson Kamni Kyohoe. Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society
  • > Congo Inland Mission
  • > Congregational Union of Jamaica
  • > Convenção Batista Brasileira
  • > Door of Hope and Children’s Refuge
  • > Egreja presbyteriana no Brasil. Assemblea geral
  • > Federal Council of Protestant Evangelical Missions in Korea
  • > Friends’ Syrian Mission
  • > Friends’ Armenian Mission Committee
  • > Genoa Harbour Mission
  • > Greek Evangelical Union of Smyrna
  • > Hill‐Murray Institute for the Blind (Glasgow)
  • > Hill‐Murray Institute for the Blind (Peking)
  • > Home Missionary Society of India
  • > India Christian Mission
  • > Jamaica Baptist Missionary Society
  • > Jungle Tribes Mission, Nilgiri Hills, Coonoor, South India
  • > Kumiai kyokwai (Congregational Churches)
  • > Ladies’ Seamen’s Friend Society, New Haven
  • > Lord’s Day Union for India
  • > Maine Missionary Society
  • > Mar Thoma Syrian Christian Evangelistic Association
  • > Methodist Episcopal Church. Central Conference of China
  • > Methodist Episcopal Church. Congo Mission
  • > Methodist Episcopal Church. Rhodesia Conference.
  • > National Christian Council of India
  • > Nepal Mission
  • > North China Tract Society
  • > Poona (India). Zenana Training Home
  • > Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Central China Mission
  • > Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Hainan Mission
  • > Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. Shantung Mission
  • > Rangoon Sgaw Karen Association
  • > Santal Mission of the Northern Churches
  • > Sierra Leone Mission
  • > Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (Great Britain), Delhi Mission
  • > South Arcot Highways & Hedges Mission
  • > South India United Church
  • > Southern Morocco Mission
  • > Tibetan Mission, Darjeeling
  • > Tinnevelly Children’s Mission
  • > West China Religious Tract Society, Chung‐king
  • > Woman’s Union Missionary Society of America for Heathen Lands
  • > Yotsuya Mission
  • > Zhong Hua Sheng Gong Hui. General Synod
  • > Zhong Hua Sheng Gong Hui. Kiangsu (Diocese) Synod
  • > Etc.

> Martha Lund Smalley
> Special Collections Librarian & Curator of the Day Missions Collection
> Yale Divinity School Library

St Augustine on contemporary academia

“Still, such people are base indeed; they fornicate against thee, for they love the transitory mockeries of temporal things and the filthy gain which begrimes the hand that grabs it; they embrace the fleeting world and scorn thee, who abidest and invitest us to return to thee and who pardonest the prostituted human soul when it does return to thee. Now I hate such crooked and perverse men, although I love them if they will be corrected and come to prefer the learning they obtain to money and, above all, to prefer thee to such learning, O God, the truth and fullness of our positive good, and our most pure peace.”

Confessions 5:12

Anglican Mission in the Middle East, Part 2

A lecture on Anglican Mission in the Middle East Pt 2. Part 2 of 2.

Delivered at Braun Station, San Antonio, Texas, in May 2011. Covering Anglican mission in the Middle East prior to WWI.

Key topics are the mission of Horatio Southgate to Constantinople, the work of the London Jews Society in Jerusalem and the Church of England’s mission to the Nestorians (Assyrians) of Kurdistan.

Anglican Mission in the Middle East, part 1

A lecture on 05 Anglican Mission in the Middle East Pt 1. Part 1 of 2.

Delivered at Braun Station, San Antonio, Texas, in May 2011. Covering Anglican mission in the Middle East prior to WWI.

Key topics are the Episcopal mission of Horatio Southgate to Constantinople, the work of the London Jews Society in Jerusalem and the Church of England’s mission to the Nestorians (Assyrians) of Kurdistan.