“Finding an End in the Beginning: eschatological trends among ex-Muslim Christians” (Chapter)

In 2014 the book Islam and the Last Day: Christian Perspectives on Islamic Eschatology was released by MST Press (Wantirna, Australia). In that book I published a chapter on how some ex-Muslim Christians agree or disagree with Islamic eschatology, and how they envision certain features of apocalyptic and eschatological realities.

I have recently posted the PDF of that chapter at my academia.edu site. It can be read HERE.

“Finding an End in the Beginning: Eschatological Trends among ex-Muslim Christians”

Some time ago my colleague Brent Neely, vice president of Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary, asked me to contribute to a volume which he would be co-editing with Peter Riddell of Melbourne School of Theology. The book has now been published and is titled Islam and the Last Day: Christian Perspectives on Islamic Eschatology (MST Press, 2014). My contribution (pp 143-162) focused on how some Christians converts from Islam engage with the topics related to eschatology and the last day. Read the summary at Goodreads, or buy it at Amazon.