The God Class, Lecture 4: God Strikes Back and the Call of Abram

The God Class, Lecture 4: God Strikes Back and the Call of Abram

St Mary’s University, January 2014

Genesis has painted a negative picture of man until now. Nothing that man does seems to improve his lot, and many things he does are destructive and evil. In the call of Abram we have the beginning of God’s response and initiative to restore his Creation to the goodness it once had. God’s single and overarching plan of restoration is based on his promise to Abram that through him all the nations of the earth will be blessed. (This promise unfolds itself in the election of Israel, and the meaning of ‘Israel’ is revealed in God’s Messiah and his Advent, but we’ll get to that later on.)


The God Class, Lecture 3: Babel and Pride

St Mary’s University, January 2013

The God Class, Lecture 3: Babel and Pride

In this lecture we explore in more depth the predicament of man. We learned that man not only tries to hide from God but even, at times, to usurp his place in the universe.

The Two Adams of Islam and Christianity

The fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity is then anthropological—or more precisely, hamartiological. Adam did sin, he was indeed punished, but in no way did his guilt develop into what Christians have variously called original sin or original stain. In the Adam narrative [in the Qur’an], as in Gen 3:15 and 3:21, we already have intimations of how this narrative will play out. In the Qur’anic narrative God appears to simply forgive Adam, and then warns him to follow his guidance and not turn from his message. In the Genesis narrative, however, we have hints that God will somehow conquer the serpent through Eve, and furthermore God himself sacrifices an animal to provide garments for Adam and Eve indicating that their garment of fig leaves was not sufficient for covering their nakedness. Both of these would become important images for the early Christians as they struggled towards the formulation of the orthodox tradition. (pp 503, 4)
Miller, Duane Alexander. 2010. ‘Narrative and Metanarrative in Christianity and Islam’ in St Francis Magazine, Vol 6:3, June, pp 501-16.