Mustafa Akyol attempts to return Islamic shari’a to reason, tolerance and freedom

Mustafa Akyol has recently published a new book, Reopening Muslim Minds.

In this important book he returns to historical voices—some forgotten, some suppressed—within the history of Islamic jurisprudence to argue for a retrieval of those voices.

We also talk about Turkey. Twenty years ago it was held up as an example of how a country that was almost entirely Muslim could incorporate and live secular, modern values. It seems clear today that all of that was wrong.

Akyol also speaks about his vision for the future of Islamic jurisprudence and his hope for a reformation within Islam, similar to… Well, listen to the whole interview. It will be well worth your time.

You can buy the book through Amazon of course. But let me encourage you to support your local bookstore and request a copy through them.

An interview with the Rev. Colin Chapman on Christian Zionism, Scripture and his new book

Was the rebirth of Israel in 1948 the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy? Is dispensationalism actually taught in the Bible?

In his new book, the Rev. Colin Chapman presents a follow-up to his ground-breaking 1985 (I think) book Whose Promised Land?

Here is my interview with Colin on his call to ministry, Lebanon today, and, of course, his new book, Christian Zionism and the Restoration of Israel: how should we interpret the Scriptures? (Cascade, 2021).

I hope you will enjoy the interview and consider purchasing the new book. It represents an important voice in the conversation regarding Israel today vis a vis Scripture.

Visit to Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

I had the privilege to officiate and preach at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria this morning. Thought I would share some photos. And many thanks to Fr. Edward and the congregation for a warm welcome. People were most impressed by my son’s piano piece (by Mozart) during Communion.

See are some photos:

Duane Miller and Bill Musk: Anglican Contributions to the Church’s Mission to/among Muslims

It was a pleasure to work on this article with Bishop Bill Musk, formerly the regional bishop of North Africa. In it, we draw on decades of practical ministry experience in our different contexts and share what we think are some of the strengths of the Anglican way in relation to the Church’s witness in the Muslim world.

Read it online at Anglican Compass, or check out the PDF here.

Interview with Terence Ascott, on his new book *Dare to Believe*

In this video Interview with Dr Terence Ascott, founder and president of SAT-7 and author of the new book Dare to Believe: Stories of Faith from the Middle East, we talk about his experience running a Christian satellite channel that broadcasts in Arabic, Farsi and Turkish.

I hope you’ll enjoy the video and consider buying this fascinating book.

Interview with Botrus Mansour on his life as an evangelical Arab Christian in Israel

Here is my interview with Botrus Mansour on his new book Looking from the Precipice and his life as an evangelical Arab Christian in Israel. Click the link to buy it at Amazon.

Enjoy the audio here:

Note: If you would like to watch the whole interview it’s over at my YouTube page.

Address to AGWM on helping Christians from a Muslim background mature in their faith

Here I share the audio of a talk I gave to AGWM on my book on pastoral care for ex-Muslim Christians.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a group of ministers associated with the Assemblies of God (USA) regarding my new book, I will Give them an Everlasting Name: Pastoral Care for Christ’s Converts from Islam (Regnum, 2020).

Enjoy the audio here:

To learn more about the AGWM and their outstanding work throughout the world to reveal the Kingdom of God, click here.

Entrevista sobre “Dos Historias de Todo” con Dr. Andrés Messmer

Me dió mucho gusto ser entrevistado por el Dr. Andrés Messmer del Seminario Teológico de Sevilla en cuanto a mi nuevo libro, Dos Historias de Todo: Comparativa de las metanarrativas del Islam y el cristianismo (Sola Fide, 2021).

Y aquí puedes comprar el libro (e incluso como eBook).

Christian Mission in the Middle Ages

In March of 2021 I gave some lectures on the history of Christian missionary work in the Middle Ages here in Madrid. The topics are:

  1. The mission of St Patrick to Ireland
  2. The demise of the North African Church under Islam
  3. The mission of St Boniface to the peoples of Germany
  4. The context of the First Crusade
  5. The life and thought of Blessed Ramon Llull (Raymond Lully)
  6. The ministry of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon

The six talks are available here, in this Youtube playlist.

Christian Mission in the Middle Ages