At the Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold

Some time ago Bishop Hector Monterroso of the Anglican Diocese of Costa Rica invited me to provide some ongoing education for the clergy of the diocese, but he also invited my family to come down to Costa Rica and spend some time here. And we did it! Here is a picture of my youngest one at the Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold.


National Catholic Register

So nice to have one’s research noted in a widely-read website/publication like the National Catholic Register. Here is the beginning of the NCR article in which an article that Patrick Johnstone and I recently published (2015) was noted:

Muslims are people she knows and individuals she loves. When she returned home for a visit after 9/11, I had to explain to her why the conversation in the United States had changed so much. Natali had not experienced what the average American had experienced because she was living in the Muslim world during the whole horrific event. She watched those terrible pictures from afar on the BBC, while being showered with apologies, sympathy and support from her local Muslim friends who had been close friends for years.

Here is the link to the article.

PS: And here’s another one at Breakpoint.

Christianity and Freedom, Volume 2

9781107124721Volume two of the Christianity & Freedom series has now been published. Edited by Allen Hertzke and Samuel Shah, my colleague Phil Sumpter and I wrote the chapter titled “Between the hammer and the anvil: indigenous Palestinian Christianity in the West Bank”.

Learn more about the book and the other contributions and contributors at the book’s page.