Christian Mission in the Middle Ages

In March of 2021 I gave some lectures on the history of Christian missionary work in the Middle Ages here in Madrid. The topics are:

  1. The mission of St Patrick to Ireland
  2. The demise of the North African Church under Islam
  3. The mission of St Boniface to the peoples of Germany
  4. The context of the First Crusade
  5. The life and thought of Blessed Ramon Llull (Raymond Lully)
  6. The ministry of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon

The six talks are available here, in this Youtube playlist.

Christian Mission in the Middle Ages

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Mission to Islam, Mission to Post-modernity? Interview w/ Stephen Bedard.

I recently sat down with Stephen Bedard—he in Canada, I in Spain—to talk about the Church’s mission to Islam, and specifically about my new book I Will Give them an Everlasting Name: Pastoral Care for Christ’s Converts from Islam (Regnum, 2020).

He asked some great questions and I really enjoyed the exploration of how ministry to ex-Muslims overlaps in some important ways with ministry to people in late modern, post-Christian (post-secular?) societies.

You can get the Kindle version here and the print version here. Here site interview. Make sure to subscribe to Stephen’s YouTube channel.

Al Fadi from CIRA International, interview

Tonight, Al Fadi from CIRA International and I had a great interview on many topics—one of them my new book, I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name: Pastoral Care for Christ’s Converts from Islam (Regnum, 2020). (Kindle version here.)

Here is the whole video. Enjoy!

Anglican Compass on *I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name*

What a pleasure to be interviewed by Anglican Compass on my new book, I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name: Pastoral Care for Christ’s Converts from Islam. (Kindle version here.)

Here is one of the questions:

What’s the backstory to this book? What led you to write it?

After years in the Middle East, we were back in the USA for almost four years. During that time I did a lot of teaching and preaching at churches in Texas. I was happily surprised to find the number of pastors who would say things like, “Oh yes, we have a guy from Saudi attending our church now!” or “A refugee family from Iraq is now coming to our foodbank and they told us they converted from Islam.” Usually, the follow up would be something like, “We’re not really sure how to care for them, though…”

That’s why I wrote this book. You can have a seasoned and loving pastor with decades of experience, but this area of Christianity is so new that very few people have any experience in it. 

Read it all HERE.

Planting an Arabic-language Church in Spain

This has definitely been a work in progress…

Beginning a bit over two years ago we started with a project to plant an Arabic-language church here in Madrid—Kanisa.

Two years in we decided to record our reflections on what works, what does not, and answer some questions from colleagues around the world.

Here are the four videos:

Leave any questions or comments below or at the YouTube page. We also have a Facebook page.

I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name

I am happy to share that I Will Give Them an Everlasting Name: Pastoral Care for Christ’s Converts from Islam is now available. Published by Regnum Books (Oxford, UK), here is the back material with endorsements and a summary.

(And Kindle version here.)

Pastoral Care for Christ’s Converts from Islam

My new book is now available. It is I Will Give them and Everlasting Name: Pastoral Care for Christ’s Converts from Islam (Regnum, 2020). You can get it in print from the Regnum site or for Kindle at Amazon.

Here are three videos from a talk I recently gave (Lavapies, Madrid, 30 Oct 2020) on some of the ideas and research that went into this book. Enjoy, and please consider buying the book.

La Ordenación de la Mujeres: mas opciones de las que creías, en “La Luz”

Ya salió número dos de La Luz: Pensamiento Anglicano. Escribí un artículo sobre diferentes ideas sobre la ordenación de las mujeres en la familia Anglicana. Aquí está me artículo:

Igual se puede encontrar en mi página de

Aquí una sección:

Les animo a apoyar La Luz. Se puede comprar en linea aquí.

The Rowman & Littlefield Handbook of Christianity in the Middle East

I am very glad to share that this excellent new work will be published soon. This will hopefully take place in late 2020, maybe in 2021.

I contributed in a number of ways, but most importantly I wrote the chapter on Christianity in what is today Saudi Arabia, though the paper contains both historical and contemporary material.

Here is the link. Check it out.

Summer in Castilla y León and Asturias

Let’s call it 2/3 vacation and 1/3 traveling work.

This summer the Miller family spent a week and half in the small village of Villaescusa in the Comunidad (state) of Castilla y León. We spent the next week and a half in a rural community outside of Posada de Llanera in the Comunidad (state) of Asturias.

We visited many historical and cultural sites. We went to the beach at the Bay of Biscay, we ate the local foods of hornazo, Cachopo, fabada asturiana, sidra, and so on.

As a priest I also ministered at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Villaescusa, the Church of the Redeemer in Salamanca, and preached at the Church of St Eulalia in Oviedo. For the first two churches, it was the first time they had received a pastoral visit in many months, since before the quarantine started in March.

Here are some pictures from Castilla y León:

Duane and Sharon in the Cathedral of Salamanca
Sunflower fields are all around

And now some pictures from beautiful Asturias:

Anglican Church of St Eulalia in Oviedo
The countryside of Posada de Llanera
Duane getting to know the locals in Oviedo

Hope you enjoyed these photos. Leave questions in the comment section.