The temptation of Jesus, Kenyan style

August 11, 2015


“Evangelicals in Northern Africa and Egypt”, chapter in Evangelicals around the World

July 19, 2015

I am pleased to share that my chapter on evangelicals in Northern Africa and Egypt which was published in Evangelicals around the World: A Global Handbook for the 21st Century (Thomas Nelson, 2015), can now be read in part at You can also buy the book at Amazon.

Pictures from Hasan Kayf

June 14, 2015

This ancient village was a series of caves until recently. It will soon be flooded to make a reservoir for Turkey and cease to exist. Here are a couple of pictures.

20150602_155120 20150602_155125

The Tigris, which will be flooded.

The Tigris, which will be flooded.


Cave dwellings

20150602_155405 20150602_162947

The town today, which will be flooded.

The town today, which will be flooded.


Cave dwellings


Cave dwellings


“Power, Personalities and Politics: The Growth of Iranian Christianity since 1979” in Mission Studies

June 8, 2015

Allow me to share with you a recent publication on the growth of Christianity in Iran since the revolution. It is published in Mission Studies 32(1). The article can be procured through this website.

Surp Hovsep (St Joseph) Armenian Catholic Church in Mardin, Turkey

June 8, 2015
A chapel altar

A chapel altar

The main altar

The main altar

Such a variety of styles, many of them popular

Such a variety of styles, many of them popular

High capacity

High capacity

Excess religious art

Excess religious art

The main altar from the rear

The main altar from the rear

A side altar from the rear of the church

A side altar from the rear of the church

All photos copyright Duane Miller 2015.

Mor Gabriyel Syriac Orthodox Monastery

June 6, 2015
More Gabriyel Monastery

More Gabriyel Monastery


The sanctuary. Looks like it is undergoing renovation.


The courtyard


The steeple of the nave and towers


All pictures copyright 2015 Duane Alexander Miller

The Syriac Catholic Church of St Meryem Ana in Mardin, Turkey

June 4, 2015
The church under reconstruction

The church under reconstruction


Looking around the church


Workers working away


The plaque outside the church

All pictures copyright Duane Miller 2015.

Deir ul Zafaran (دير الزعفران) in Mesopotamia (Turkey)

June 3, 2015

With Ben Poland and Fr. Gabriel


An ancient depiction of St John


A very old printing press


Note the hills planted with trees


Note the Syriac inscription above the entrance.


The monastery is surrounded by many trees

20150602_102014 20150602_103111 20150602_102120 20150602_102219 20150602_102018

Pictures are from June of 2015 (copyright Duane Miller)

St Hirmiz Chaldean Church in Mardin, Turkey

June 2, 2015

We had to ask around to figure out who could let us into this old church. We have been told that there is a single Chaldean Christian family left in the city of Mardin by a couple of local Christians. The church itself is very large and could easily fit well over a hundred people.


The plaque on the outside wall


A small side altar in the rear of the church


Jesus blesses the children


The altar and side attars are behind curtains. There is a chandelier in front of the center curtain.


More artwork


Jesus and St Mary with Joseph?


A tomb with Syriac inscriptions (?)


The front altar, with the curtain withdrawn.


Yet another altar


The curtain has the Ascension of Christ


The principal dome


Another secondary altar


All pictures copyright Duane Miller, 2015

The Orthodox Church of Ss. Peter and Paul, in Antioch, Turkey

June 2, 2015

A couple of pictures, from (Orthodox) Pentecost of 2015:

The interior

The interior

The bell tower

The bell tower

Facade, from the courtyard

Facade, from the courtyard

All photos copyright D Miller 2015


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